Portrait – Katrin Kohlstedt
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Katrin Kohlstedt is a freelance stylist based in Frankfurt/Main, Germany.

Grown up in Thuringia, Germany she decided to move to Frankfurt/Main in 2000. Actually she is doing an education in Marketing Communication.

Katrin works with love for details and an eye for the special.

„A mighty flame arises from a tiny spark“.
Dante Alighieri




Katarina Hildebrandt, Patrick Styrnol, Christoph Klutsch, Benedikt Ernst, Oliver Rudolph, Laura Palm, Tamara Hansen, Per Florian Appelgren, Debora Brune, Judith Bender, Tamara Specht, Carina Jahn, Frauke Fischer



Lucy’s Magazine, Men’s Health (Malaysia), Scorpio Jin Magazine, Design Scene Magazine, Basic Magazine, Kaltblut Magazine, iMUTE, Sicky Magazine, HUF Magazine, Harpers Bazaar (SRB), L’Officiel (Malaysia), JNC Magazine, GRAZIA (SRB), Glamour (RUS)